Muskeg Lake Cree Nation supports its citizens and community members, encouraging everyone to live healthy and fulfilling lives as nêhiyaw peoples.
(making a living)
We believe all citizens should be able to make a living in a career of their choice. We have economic ventures that support our community and provide meaningful contributions to the Saskatchewan economy.
Respect is a core value that guides our interactions in business and with our community partners. Through respectful relations, we have built economic success and innovative community programs.
(good child rearing)
Children are our most precious resource. When we help our community members to be good parents, we are investing in our future, because our children will be tomorrow’s leaders.
As a member of the nêhiyaw nation, we seek to connect with relatives across the Treaty Six territory and create ties of kinship. Throughout the year, we host events and opportunities that will connect us with our nêhiyaw neighbours.