The church on the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation reserve has a rich and interesting history. Our little Roman Catholic church has played a significant role in bringing the community together, both historically and today, and in offering a place for members to share in the celebration of birth, marriage, death and spirituality in their daily lives.

Our Lady of Guadelupe Church

A gathering place for more than a hundred years, the church has served as a pillar and a legacy for our community. When needed for practical purposes, the church even made itself available as the community’s post office. To this day, the church is a place where people gather and build upon their sense of kinship and community.

The Church’s History at Muskeg Lake

  • The first Oblate priest arrived and built a church on the reserve at Muskeg Lake in 1881.
  • The original building was a log church.
  • The first church was called Muskeg Lake Mission and later renamed Aldina Mission.
  • The original log church was replaced by a newer, more elaborate church that burned to the ground in 1949.
  • Between 1949 and 1953, the community hall was used as a church.
  • The current church was finished in 1953.
  • The church served as community post office until the early 1960s.
  • The Oblate priests moved out of the community in 1959 and stopped serving the reserve in 1986.
  • Since 1986, Muskeg Lake has shared a priest with the neighboring communities of Blaine Lake, Hafford, and sometimes Leask, Marcelin and Shellbrook.
  • Current name of church: Our Lady of Guadalupe.