Land Description

Muskeg Lake Cree Nation owns several parcels of land, including the original reserve, located approximately 15 km north of Blaine Lake, SK, and additional urban, wilderness and agricultural lands.

We believe in land stewardship and work with rural municipalities located near our holdings to address land concerns such as grass fires and flood control.


First Nation File Name and Number Acres Number Sent Orders in Council/Ministerial Orders
Muskeg Lake West Side(3); RC Church(5); Stringa(9); Stringa (10); Amendt(11); Amendt(12); Bachelder(14); Amendt(15); Brad(16) 3,154.69 M468648 14/08/1997 OCPC#1997-1323;
Signed September 17, 1997
Muskeg Lake LT-98-48 Fabian(13) P480273 3/12/2001 SSB Minerals issue
Muskeg Lake LT-99-12 Garand(18) 318.35 SK21 14/05/1999 OCPC#1999-1208;
Signed June 23, 1999
Muskeg Lake LT-01-146 Amendment to OCPC#1997-1323;
Signed September 17, 1997
SK260 16/01/2002 OCPC#2002-0423;
Signed March 21, 2002.
Muskeg Lake LT-01-54 Mistawasis Lake(1) 305.17 SK195 18/07/2001 OCPC#2001-1536;
Signed August 28, 2001
Muskeg Lake LT-01-59 Weathered(17) 479.3 SK200 31/07/2001 OCPC#2001-1892;
Signed October 18, 2001
Muskeg Lake LT-01-75 Weathered(21) 320 SK209 17/09/2001 OCPC#2001-1893;
Signed October 18, 2001
Muskeg Lake LT-01-116 Road Allowance(20) 0 SK218 24/09/2001 OCPC#2001-2327;
Signed December 13, 2001
Muskeg Lake LT-01-105 Fabian(13) 774.45 SK226 3/12/2001 OCPC#2002-0424;
Signed March 21, 2002.
Muskeg Lake L-03-14 (C-37) Pre-reserve Designation SK385 16/10/2003 MO#2004-003;
Signed March 16, 2004
Muskeg Lake L-03-15 (C-37) Mistawasis Lake East(23) 855.64 SK386 16/10/2003 MO#2004-004;
Signed March 16, 2004
Muskeg Lake L-04-7 (C-37) Sutherland(25) 636.65 SK453 8/9/2004 MO#2004-013;
Signed November 5, 2004
Muskeg Lake L-06-5(C-37) Mistawasis Lake-2(26) 1,594.66 SK733 27/06/2006 MO#2006-013;
Signed July 26, 2006
Muskeg Lake (C-37) Urban AIP for Petro-Can Service Station(31) SK1220 19/04/2011
Muskeg Lake L-11-18(C-37) Joanette(30) SK1230

Home Reserve

There are approximately 1,848 members of the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation. Located just north of Blaine Lake, SK, our reserve is home to about 450 members.

Getting there: From North Battleford or Prince Albert, take Highway 40 to Blaine Lake. From Saskatoon, take Highway 12. At Blaine Lake, turn east at Lafond Gas Bar (there is a sign) and travel north on the Crown Hill grid road for about 15 km.


TLE Lands

While the core reserve was first surveyed in 1879, two agreements led to the Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) Trust in 1992, making it possible for Saskatchewan Indian Bands to acquire land by reaching out to surrounding communities and municipal governments to purchase lands up to the maximum entitlement of 34,000 acres (plus any shortfall from a survey error in 1881).

More about TLE Trust

TLE lands include the following:

  • Saskatoon – An urban reserve comprised of business ventures and leased commercial spaces, including the McKnight Commercial Centre and CreeWay Gas
  • Pitihkwakew Lake: A remote, pristine wilderness area that offers camping and recreation.
  • Agricultural Lands – Eight parcels of agricultural land are located by or near the rural municipalities of Leask, Meeting Lake and Blaine Lake. Five of these lands are leased, and all are used for pasture and hayland or for crops.
  • Church – A church is located on the reserve on a piece of land acquired through the TLE Trust.

Two additional parcels of land are waiting for reserve status designation.


  • 35,123 acres in total
  • 11 locations in Saskatchewan, including ten near the rural municipalities of Leask, Meeting Lake and Blaine Lake, plus Saskatoon
  • Five leased lands for agricultural use
  • Land uses include agricultural (pasture and hay or crops), recreational (Pitihkwakew Lake), and commercial (McKnight Commercial Centre, Saskatoon)