The veterans of Muskeg Lake are our legacy. They represent the history of Muskeg Lake and its growth. They are our modern-day warriors.

Our community’s veterans have showed great leadership and foresight in ensuring that Muskeg Lake would have a bright future.

It was sad when many men and women, speaking only Cree, left their families and went off to fight in global conflicts—World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the War in Afghanistan. But what they brought back when they returned were new insights into ways of living and being in the world. These insights and perspectives have had a profound effect on our community, and our veterans have opened doors for us with their expanded perceptions and experience.

Community Veterans

We feel a deep gratitude and respect for our veterans. Lest we forget.

Pte. Okemasis, Joseph: 1 Canadian Infantry Division

(MG) Bn (KIA)-Italy died December 07, 1943

On December 6, 1943 the SLI was providing mortar support for the Hasty P’s (HPE) infantry, who were leading an attack across the Moro River to the town of San Leonardo on the Adriatic side. The Canadian 1st Division took the objective San Leonardo by December 10, 1943, though had suffered many causalities. Buried at Moro River Canadian War Cemetery, Italy.

World War I (1914-1918)

Arcand, John B.
Arcand, John Malasyppe
Arcand, Louis
Arcand Louis O.S
Flamend, John
Greyeyes, Louis
Ledoux, Isadore
Sanderson, William B.
Tawpisim, Alexander

World War II: (1939-1945)

Arcand, Albert
Arcand, Clement
Arcand, Collin
Arcand, Francis X.
Arcand, George
Arcand, Joseph
Arcand, Joseph Thomas (J.T)
Arcand, Louis O.S
Arcand, Patrick Maurice
Greyeyes (Steele), David George
Greyeyes, Esther (Mowat)
Greyeyes (Steele), Flora J.
Greyeyes, Gertrude (Lloyd)
Greyeyes, Josephine
Greyeyes, Mary (Reid)
Greyeyes, Stanley
Greyeyes, Thomas
Greyeyes, William C.
Greyeyes, William R.
Lafond, Albert
Lafond, Beatrice
Ledoux, Vincent
Longneck, Felix
Sanderson, Francis X
Sanderson, William
Tawpisim, Alexander
Venne, Beatrice (Lucier)
Venne, Emile
Venne, Harry

Korean Conflict: (1950-1953)

Arcand, Arthur “Gabby”
Arcand, Clement
Arcand, Patrick Maurice
Lafond, Albert

Vietnam Conflict (1959-1975)

Lafond, Stanley

U.S-Iraq War (2003- )

Sgt. Ledoux, Aaron-173rd Airborne, US Army, Vicenza, Italy. OIF I-OEF V

U.S-Afghanistan War (2001- )

Sgt. Ledoux, Aaron-173rd Airborne, US Army, Vicenza, Italy. OIF I-OEF V

Canadian Forces

MWO Greyeyes, Grant- PPCLI (Afghanistan)
Cpl.Wolfe, Kelly, PPCLI (Afghanistan)
Capt. Pryor, Walker, 1 Royal Canadian House Artillery (Afghanistan)

Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Also acknowledges those who have served in times of peace.

Greyeyes, David W.
Greyeyes, George
Greyeyes, Marcel
Greyeyes, Richard
Greyeyes, Robert
Lafond, Roderick
Lafond, Frederick, “Sonny”