The land surrounding Pitihkwakew Lake was purchased through our Treaty Land Entitlement and was given reserve status in 2005. In addition, we have the water rights through agreements with the provincial government. We operate the park similar to a provincial regional park and have developed by laws for the use of land and water resources. Today’s visitors as well as future generations will enjoy this pristine wilderness. We offer visitors seasonal camping, with annual passes or day rates for vehicles and RVs.
Pitihkwakew Lake aerial view

Operation Information

  • Open from May to September
  • Very rustic—we offer portable toilets, garbage removal and wood supply
  • No electricity or water facilities
  • Fishing and ice fishing during winter season
  • Swimming and boating
  • Canoeing
  • Vehicle passes
    • $7 day pass
    • $15 for three day pas
    • $30 annual pass
  • Camp fees
    • $20 per day
    • $50 for three days
    • $75 for 7 days
    • $250 for 30 days
  • Boat launch fee
    • $5 per day
    • $30 for season
  • Fishing license: $10
  • Wood: $5 per bundle
  • Seasonal trailer parking: $700
  • Lake Inquiries