According to Cree Law, pimâcihowin (making a living) means that all citizens should be able to make a living in a career of their choosing. Muskeg Lake Cree Nation has a number of economic ventures, a business grant program to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses, and grants for higher education, training and farming.

Approximately 50 people are employed at Muskeg Lake, performing jobs that range from overseeing and managing departments to providing administration and specific services.

About Muskeg Lake Cree Nation

The Band office for Muskeg Lake Cree Nation oversees the delivery of services for community members, both on and off reserve. These services are related to health, housing, membership, social and justice support and economic development. The band office also administers financial support for recreation and education.

Working at Muskeg Lake

It takes a lot of work and many different skill sets to keep a community running smoothly, especially one as spread out as Muskeg Lake. Of its 1,848 members, only 367 live on reserve. The band is lead by a forward-thinking Chief and Council who, guided by Cree Law, empower and support—rather than direct—managers and administrators as they do their work.

Many different kinds of jobs are available from time to time. If you would like to work with a caring Cree Nation community that is proud of its rich history in sports, culture and business, apply for one of the positions below.

Current Opportunities

We post job openings on a regular basis. To view current opportunities and apply for a job opening, see our Current Opportunities.