Wellness is the relationship of the body, mind, and spirit. I believe we need support at various times in maintaining that relationship. Muskeg Lake Health Centre encourages our community members to be miyo-mah-chi-ho-win – Living Well! We reinforce this through various programs and activities.

Health & Wellness Program miyo-machihowin

In August 2020 the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Chief and Council made a motion to amalgamate the Health and Social Development (Wellness) Programs. This is not new to Muskeg Lake, for years previously these two departments worked together under one umbrella. With the supports that the programs provide to individuals and families it is more effective if the programs work together. This includes education and linkages will be strengthened with the Justice and Housing Programs. The Health and Wellness Program is working hard to strengthen the focus of working from the Medicine Wheel concept recognizing the spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical aspect (individual, family and community) in our care and with the programming being offered. The Wellness Center recognizes the importance of embedding the Cree Values and Laws as the foundation we work from and efforts are underway to learn the teachings associated. We value the relationship we have with the community and would like to strengthen it by introducing you to the individuals and their roles so you know ‘who is who’ and ‘what they do’. Communication is key and your voice is important. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel welcome.

Director – Iva Lafond

This position is responsible for the overall management for the programs and services offered at the Wellness Center as directed by the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Chief and Council and within the mandate of the agreements from the various funding agencies. This includes staffing, identifying and securing necessary resources and ensuring program guidelines are met and funds are spent accordingly. Also included is to ensure budgets and operational plans are in place; work is undertaken to have information management systems in place for client care and data management. Under the direction of the Chief and Council this position liaises with government and technical working groups to support Muskeg Lake.

ReceptionistLeeAnn Towiss

This position welcomes individuals to the Wellness Center and connects them to the appropriate staff/program. The Receptionist ensures staff tracking through the sign in and out book, schedules appointments for the alternative therapist contractors. She answers phones, takes messages, distribution of mail, incoming and outgoing faxes, scans and provides administrative support as needed. Cover off for the Administrative Support Worker and Medical Taxi Coordination as required. During COVID precautions the Receptionist will manage traffic flow and monitor and document visitors.

Administrative Support – Doreen Smith

This position provides clerical, secretarial and logistical support to the Health and Wellness Program Staff through tracking of invoices and payments, filing, minute taking, organizing of meetings and office inventory for supplies and purchases. Support will be provided for program implementation and reporting as needed. This position is responsible to assist with accreditation to ensure standards are being met. Cover off for the Receptionist and Medical Taxi Coordination as required.