Mental Wellness

The Mental Wellness Program provides an array of counseling and therapeutic services to all age groups. Children, Youth, Adults and Seniors/Elders. One on one; couples; family counseling, including all issues. Examples include anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, parenting, addictions, abuse/victimization, self esteem, trauma, suicide prevention, coping etc. The Psychologist provides assessments and continued follow-up. His area of focus is trauma and grief and loss.

Mental Health Therapist                                                                             Susan Burke

Mental Health Nurse                                                                                  Marlene Mirasty

Wholistic Therapy                                                                                        Art Despins

                                                                                                                        Janicka Grayston

Reflexoloty Therapist                                                                         

Art Therapists                                                                                               Tanya Negrey    +      Julie Vacca

Music Therapist                                                                                            Leanne Hoeft

Psychologist                                                                                                  Dr. Phil Carverhill

Community Addictions Prevention Program

This program promotes education and awareness to prevent addictions and provides alternative programming to support wellness. The scope of the program includes: pre-assessment, assessments, counseling, referrals to treatment and aftercare.

Wellness Worker

This position not only provides support in the continuum of care but in collaboration with the Family Services Support Worker and Prevention Worker, interventions are done to support planning to ensure children do not need child protection services.


Jordan’s Principle Program                                                           

The Jordan’s Principle Program offers support for children up to the age of 18 who require services that are not covered by any existing program. Group and individual requests are considered on a case by case basis.

Jordan’s Principle Advocate

This position assists in identifying and advocating for children with unmet needs, assists with applications, advocacy and follow-up. There are no specific guidelines because this is based on the needs of the individual child. The Jordan’s Principle Advocate also supports community programming for the children and offers further mental health supports when the opportunity arises.

Medical Transportation Program                                                  

The Medical Transportation Program provides transportation to medical appointments, access to mental health, dental, and to treatment centers. Private mileage, meals and accommodation is also available as per Health Canada policy. Limited support is available to support those interested in accessing traditional healing out of community.

Medical Transportation Coordinator

This position coordinates the operations of the medical transportation program and oversees the Medical Taxi Drivers. This position is responsible to book appointments, coordinate transportation, set up meals and accommodations, advocate for individuals to assist with other medical needs in collaboration with other professionals and within the scope of the program. This position is also responsible to work with the medical taxi drivers to ensure the vehicles are kept road safe and arrange for the on-going maintenance as required. Daily tracking, monthly and quarterly reporting is mandatory which falls under the responsibility of the coordinator.

Driver                                                                                                             Sheldon Ledoux

Driver                                                                                                             Evan Lafond

Casual Driver                                                                                                Jim Joanette