The Muskeg Lake Cree Nation leaders, staff, families and members believe strongly in educating our children and raising them—as parents and as a community—in ways that will nurture and support them to be strong and kind leaders of tomorrow.

Our daycare and Headstart programs are designed to widen the experience of young children within our Cree culture and build on what they learn and experience within their families.

School playground

Daycare Program

The pitihkwahakew nehiyaw waciscwanis (Muskeg Lake Little Cree Nation) Daycare is a non-profit Cree daycare. Our goals are to provide quality childcare and to resurrect the Cree language and culture. We believe that the best way to learn language is through immersion in that language, and the earlier this immersion is begun, the better.

We want our children placed in a traditional home environment where the needs of love, security, language and culture can be easily met, and traditional child-rearing practices can be followed. We also believe this approach will create feelings of teamwork and harmony among the children, care givers, parents, and community.

Headstart Program


The Headstart program is an important part of the lives of children in our community who are 3-4 years old. The Headstart program picks up and drops off students Monday – Thursday afternoons. The program encourages children to learn and grow in a positive environment. A parental involvement component of Headstart, implemented by evening programming, includes parent groups, fun nights, BBQs, assemblies and various activities throughout the year. Parental involvement in this program is important for the mental, physical and social growth of our children.