kihiw waciston

About kihiw waciston

Our school aims to be a safe, respectful environment that focuses on the development of the whole child. Our mission, “To nurture, to teach, to excel,” means that students always come first in our planning, activities and teaching. We offer Cree language and culture instruction, inviting elders to the school to share their knowledge and experiences, taking students to cultural places and involving them in cultural events. With financial assistance from Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC), we are able to hire support staff to help us connect with surrounding communities, ensure students are able to attend school, and assist those who need help completing high school. STC also supports our school through providing computers, smart boards, in-services for staff, professional development, assistance with assessment and other initiatives.

Our Chief and Council and the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Education Committee continue to support our school and the environment we are creating for our students. With their blessing and support we are able to develop better facilities, have updated equipment and resources, ensure that we have a safe and supportive learning environment, provide adequate physical education equipment, offer a breakfast program and maintain a modern creative playground and gym. We also strive to stay connected with our families through assemblies, breakfasts, barbeques, conferences, phone calls and meetings so that we can deal with academic and behavioural issues in a supportive and appropriate way.

We also take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate our successes at assemblies, special events such as our Christmas concert, and in our classrooms daily. Teaching and learning is an ever-evolving process. We all continue to learn new and effective ways of doing our jobs and relating to our communities but we strive to create the conditions for every student to be successful and reach his or her potential. It takes a community to raise a child, so we plan to work as partners with our community members to make this happen.