MLCN Investment Management Corp – Board of Director (3 year term)
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The Muskeg Lake Cree Nation (MLCN) is a progressive First Nation government that owns and manages a total of 35,123 acres in urban and rural lands. These lands are used for community living, agriculture, recreation and business. Through business development and strategic partnerships, MLCN strives to become economically self-sufficient and to provide resources for community programs and services that will enhance the lives and well-being of our citizens.

MLCN Investment Management Corporation (MLCNIMC) maintains a diversified and successful portfolio, and oversees the operation of a number of business entities. The MLCNIMC mandate is to seek out investment, partnership and development opportunities for MLCN land.
MLCNIMC is governed by an independent Board of Directors. The MLCNIMC Board of Directors is comprised of seven members: three (3) non-Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Board members and four (4) Muskeg Lake Cree Nation citizen Board members. The Board of Directors ensures corporate governance, strategic planning and goal setting for the organization; oversees the Management of the Corporation and its related business entities; and reports to the shareholders.

The MLCNIMC Management team is responsible for achieving the goals and financial targets set out by the Board of Directors. Management reports the results and developments in respect of the Corporation and its various business entities, including oversight and operation of Cree-Way Gas and the McKnight Commercial Center in Saskatoon.

ICR Property Management and MLCNIMC have worked together to plan for future capital investment strategies for the McKnight Commercial Center, including with existing buildings and new additions (such as the new SIGA head office and Lakeside Medical Clinic buildings). This successful collaboration also includes implementing competitive municipal taxation, and forecasting future tenant opportunities and challenges. The results of this partnership include fiscal transparency, development of new assets, increased income, and a professional approach to managing these assets that is consistent with first class institutional landlords.
MLCNIMC and the Northern Strands Group of Companies (NSGC) partnered to create the Industrial Maintenance Canada Partnership. NSGC is a group of 3 companies that together are a one stop shop for the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of a wide variety of products and services in the mining and construction industry.

MLCN strives to ensure that the Board of Directors of MLCNIMC is comprised of financially literate community and business leaders that, collectively, have a mix of industry knowledge and business experience gained from working in senior management, investment, financial services, economic development, property management, information technology, marketing, and/or construction.

As a collective, these community and business leaders:
• have experience in corporate governance and business management;
• possess the ability to successfully lead and oversee strategic planning, stakeholder relations, and risk management;
• have in-depth knowledge of human resources, policy development, public relations, performance management and measurement, project management and other related business disciplines and practices;
• exhibit exceptional ethical integrity;
• exercise sound judgment, are teachable, collaborative in approach, constructive in tone and respectful to each other, the Management team, employees, and other stakeholders;
• are committed to the MLCNIMC and demonstrate that commitment through their willingness to listen, learn and continue to develop their skills;
• apply their learning to MLCNIMC as they proactively make wise, strategic, forward-looking decisions based on well understood trends and proven business benchmarks and practices; and
• are individuals who uphold strong values in both word and action, exercised with a high degree of emotional intelligence, maturity and moral reasoning.

Board Members Sought
This position is for a Director to serve on the Board of Directors of MLCNIMC (as one of the four (4) Muskeg Lake Cree Nation citizen Board members). There are TWO (2) available positions.
Each of the candidates sought for these positions:
• Must be registered as a Muskeg Lake Cree Nation band member;
• Must not hold any office with the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Chief & Council;
• Should be financially literate (including having the ability to understand basic principles of business and finance);
• Should have relevant board experience or experience in one of MLCNIMC business areas, such as:
o General entrepreneurial and/or business management experience;
o Economics, Finance, Accounting;
o Engineering;
o Administration and Operations;
o Communications and Marketing;
o Skilled Trades;
o Information Technology or Cyber Security.

Individuals who wish to be considered for this Director position need to submit a resume detailing their education, work history and previous board or other relevant experience, and will also need to provide at least 2 letters of recommendation, by August 15, 2020 to the attention of:

MLCN Investment Management Corporation
Attention: Governance & Nominating Committee Co-Chairs
112 – 335 Packham Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7N 4S1
Fax: 306-955-8814

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