Child Advocate


Child Advocate

Job posting19-28


Job Summary:

Under the general direction of the Health Director, direct supervision by the community Health Nurse, and in conjunction for some clinical supervision with the Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) Maternal Child program Coordinator, Child Advocate will work collaboratively with staff to improve the wellness and social outcomes for children, their caregivers, and elders. The COHI portion of clinical supervision will be overseen by the Dental Therapist, Health Canada.

This position will support program and service delivery that recognizes an integrated and holistic approach to wellness.

The Child Advocate will provide support, information and linkages to other programs or services to foster healthy parenting and healthy child development. Community specific needs will be identified and programming will be determined incorporating the strengths of the individuals and their families, other staff, programs and services and the community.

The Child Advocate will also assist our Health Care Team in providing integrated and holistic community health programs.

 Job Overview:

  1. A portion of the position is responsible for the management and implementation of the Maternal Child Home Visitor program
  2. Provides recommendations and support to the Health Director in regard to problem resolution, special circumstances, policy development / implementation and other initiatives that may arise
  3. Direct and participate in the planning of health-related issues in regard to healthy life styles
  4. Confer with other health care team members as necessary
  5. Document and communicate client data to ensure continuity of program

 General Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Adhere to the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Personnel Policy Manual as set out by Chief and Council
  2. Maintain confidentiality and ensure confidentiality and security of all information related to the individual within the context of “circle of care” activity
  3. Plan, organized, direct, participate and evaluate the delivery of the MCH Home-visitor services
  4. Obtain necessary information for the delivery of health programs and services including federal and provincial health guidelines and communicate to Muskeg Lake Cree Nation members.
  5. Attend meetings and participate in ongoing programming, attend training if required and service planning, budgeting and policy development. Attend Staff, Health Committee, Chief and Council and other meetings when required.
  6. Provide objective non-judgmental assessment of client’s needs and develop a goal-based plan to meet the individual or family’s needs
  7. Develop evaluation systems to monitor the quality & quantity of participation provided to participants
  8. Assist in the development and implementation of plans for various programs delivery & assess programs to determine what works and what does not work
  9. Liaise with external agencies as appropriate
  10. Conduct school visits to assist CHN with clinical responsibilities
  11. Plan a monthly activity calendar in conjunction with the CHN.
  12. Maintain proficient client records and statistical monthly reports documenting the services provided
  13. Prepare month-end activity reports and newsletter communications and submit as required.
  14. Participate in coordination of clinical supervisions at least once each month with STC MCH Coordinator and keep written record of each supervision session.
  15. Carry out the duties specified in the delivery of the Children’s Oral Health Initiative (COHI) which include:
  • Collect permission forms and update medical histories for all children before any type of screening and/ or treatment can be provided
  • Provide fluoride varnish applications to the enrolled 0-7-year-old children according to the respective COHI protocol and if provided, by a COHI Aide, as per the direction of the dental professional;
  • Provide health promotion of prenatal and neonatal groups and individuals as required, and if provided by a COHI Aide, as per the direction of the dental professional;
  • Ensure the proper identification, handing and secure storage of COHI materials such as fluoride varnish, xylitol products and educational materials necessary to carry out the work of the Agreement
  • Provide support and assistance in the organization of the required COHI screening of enrolled 0-7-year-old children by the dental professional;
  • Provide COHI screening of enrolled 0-7-year-old children to the respective COHI protocol;
  • Provide sealant applications for the enrolled 5-7-year-old children according to respective COHI protocol;
  • Provide Alternative Restorative Treatment (ART) for the enrolled 0-7-year-old children according to the respective COHI protocol; and
  • Provide support and assistance to the dental professional during specified COHI procedures as required.
  • Reporting completed Dental Services Daily Record (DSDR) for within on (1) month of service entries; and completed Dental Screening Form (DSF) within two (2) weeks of the screening date
  1. Prepare and distribute invitations to Well Baby clinics and Wellness clinics.
  2. Maintain a resource library of information and resources for maternal child health and other related topics.
  3. Work with existing community organizations and attend public meetings to promote a healthy lifestyle in the community.
  4. Work with individuals/ families to support and empower self-esteem
  5. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
  6. Perform follow-up activities as required or directed
  7. Develop a trusting working relationship with individual or families
  8. Work with Muskeg Lake Cree Nation staff to foster a team model approach to holistic health care.
  9. Be willing to work flexible hours
  10. Other duties as may be assigned or determined


  • Certificate program in child and family programming and or a combination of education and work experience
  • Ability to demonstrate parenting skills
  • Demonstrated willingness to learn new skills or improve personal knowledge with regard to healthy parenting
  • Working knowledge of supports and resources available to First Nations people, specifically as they relate to women (pre- and post-natal), infants, children and the family;
  • Successful completion of training and or education in the Child/ Parenting/ Family programming related to maternal health issues
  • Required continued attendance at in- service and education courses.
  • Requires the completion of required COHI training and become eligible to receive a FNIHB provider number.
  • Working knowledge of PC Software, Applications including email and other technological applications
  • Must be able to demonstrate excellent oral and written skills
  • Valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle & meet community insurance requirements;
  • Must have a clear current CPIC (Canadian Criminal Records Check), which identifies a vulnerable sectors check.
  • Maintain sensitive and confidential information
  • Current First Aid, CPR and AED certificates
  • Working knowledge of Cree language customs, traditions, and values is an asset
  • Knowledgeable of community, of available regional health services and health programs would be as asset
  • Be able to work flexible hours (weekends or after hours).

Working Conditions:

  • Work indoors and outdoors.
  • Environment can be dirty, cold, hot or noisy
  • Safety precautions are required to reduce the risk of injury
  • May be required to lift objects weighing up to 25 kilograms.
  • Hours of work may vary as, essentially this position will work flexible hours and some weekends may be required

Apply by sending a resume, cover letter, CPIC & Vulnerable Sector check with subject title “Child Advocate” to by June 17, 2019at 4:30 PM CST.

Deadline is June 17, 2019

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