The governing committees of Muskeg Lake are made up of elected community members who work for the benefit of the whole community and act in an advisory capacity to the Chief and Council for a specific program area.

Each committee is comprised of four elected committee members, one elder and a representative from council. Each elected committee member represents one of four zones on the reserve.

Committee Elections

Elections are held on the first Monday of the third week of October for a two-year term. There is no limit to the number of terms a committee member can serve, but members are limited to serve on a maximum of two committees.

Committees and Members


Vince Morrissette , Director of Housing and Public Work
Zone 1: Norma Sanderson
Zone 2: Lauretta Arcand
Zone 3: Grace Barr                  
Zone 4:David Arcand           
Elder: Eva Curniski


Carol Lafond
Zone 1: Norma Sanderson
Zone 2: Open Seat
Zone 3: Debbie Lafond
Zone 4: Mary Rose Arcand
Elder: Leona Lindsay

Sport Development, Recreation & Culture

Zone 1: Audrey Tawpisim
Zone 2: Anita Lafleur
Zone 3: Debbie Lafond
Zone 4: Les Arcand                    
Elder: Mary Rose Arcand

Economic Development

Zone 1: 
Zone 2:
Zone 3: 
Zone 4: 


Connie Regnier, Principal 
Zone 1: Audrey Tawpisim
Zone 2: Anita Lafleur  
Zone 3: Open Seat
Zone 4: Les Arcand
Elder: Germaine Lafond

Lands Advisory Committee

Harvey Heimbecker , Lands Manager
Mervyn J. Arcand
Bernie Arcand
Glenna Cayen

Elder: James Wolfe