Elders are generally those who are 60 years of age and older, or those who have special knowledge who are invited into a gathering of elders. The function of the elders and the elders’ group in the community is to share and to pass on knowledge that perhaps no one else has.

An elder is appointed to sit on each committee, based on their interests, gifts or role in the community. An elder also attends each Chief and Council meeting.

Roles of the Elders

The elders of Muskeg Lake play several important roles within our community:

  • Consulting – With the wisdom and experience they have gained in the course of a lifetime, our elders have much to offer in a consulting role, both with the Chief and Council, and with individuals and committees within the community.
  • Being a spiritual presence at meetings – An elder attends each Chief and Council meeting to provide wisdom, insight and spiritual support.
  • Sharing insight – Elders meet monthly to interact with one another, share their wisdom, and consult about all aspects of community.
  • Teaching our grandchildren – Elders play an important role in passing on culture and knowledge to the community’s grandchildren, teaching Cree, talking about family trees, and providing positive cultural role models.