Leadership and Governance

The Chief and Council of Muskeg Lake make decisions about community affairs with the guidance of Cree Law and the contributions of community elders. Their goal is to empower members and managers to do their work and act as a resource and a support, rather than to interfere in the day-to-day affairs of the community.

This dedication to guidance and leadership leaves Chief and Council members free to focus their attention on governance, planning and making larger decisions about the growth and care of the Muskeg Lake community.

The Chief and Council

Chief Kelly Wolfe

Councillor Carol Lafond

Councillor Curtis Lafond

Councillor Tina Arcand

Councillor Cliff Tawpisin Sr

Councillor Terran Keewatin

Off Reserve Councillor Cal Arcand


The Chief and Council consist of seven members who meet every second Wednesday to discuss and make decisions about the affairs and well-being of the Muskeg Lake community. Community meetings alternate with Corporate Board meetings so that all aspects of community life and business are addressed in an ongoing manner. An elder also attends every Chief and Council meeting.


Services are provided to the community by the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation administration under the guidance of the Director of Operations. The Director of Operations, connected to the Chief and Council, helps transform the Council’s vision for the community through the delivery of supportive programs and services. The Director of Operations also ensures that partnerships with outside governments and agencies are mutually beneficial and respectful.