Leadership and Governance

The leadership team of Muskeg Lake, including the Chief and Council, steers the community’s affairs by adhering to Cree traditions and valuing the insights of the elders. Their aim is to enable the community’s members and leaders to carry out their roles effectively by providing support and resources, rather than meddling in everyday matters.

This approach allows the Chief and Council to concentrate on broader governance issues, strategic planning, and making significant decisions that shape the future and well-being of the Muskeg Lake community.

The Chief and Council

Chief Kelly Wolfe

Councillor Carol Lafond

Councillor Curtis Lafond

Councillor Kyle Bear

Councillor Kim Greyeyes

Councillor Terran Keewatin

Off Reserve Councillor Clayton Ledoux

Governance Structure

The governance framework of the Muskeg Lake community is anchored by a Chief and Council, comprised of seven dedicated members. They convene every other Wednesday to discuss and make pivotal decisions for the well-being and progress of the community. In a thoughtful approach to governance, these meetings are alternated with Corporate Board sessions, ensuring a comprehensive focus on both the community’s social and economic aspects. To embrace wisdom and tradition, an elder is present at each meeting, and importantly, a member of the youth council also participates to guarantee the perspectives and ideas of younger generations are integrated into the community’s decision-making process.

Operational Framework

At the operational helm, the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation’s services are orchestrated by the Chief Operations Officer and the Chief Financial Officer, who acts as a pivotal link between the Chief and Council and the community at large. These roles are crucial for bringing the Council’s strategic vision to life through the implementation of supportive programs and services. The Executive team is also responsible for cultivating and maintaining respectful, mutually beneficial partnerships with external entities and organizations, ensuring the community’s interests are well represented and advanced.