Community Recreation


Muskeg Lake Cree Nation has a rich history of elite athleticism, even when our membership has been small. Sports have always helped bring our community together, giving us opportunities to showcase Muskeg Lake in fastball, soccer and hockey. Tight, close and supportive, we’ve shown we can do a lot with a few people.

We encourage excellence in sports with our children by designating funds exclusively for youth engagement in sports. Recreational activities include cultural events—powwows and cultural camps—as well as traditional activities—tipi building, traditional medicines, hand games and drumming.

Adult Recreation

Recreational programming for adults and seniors in the community is organized by our Recreation department.

Youth Recreation

The foundation of our youth recreation program is a scholarship program that offers financial support and encourages personal growth in fitness, sportsmanship and also responsibility.

Youth Recreation Scholarship funding is available for youth members of Muskeg Lake who live anywhere in the world. A fundraising component of the program encourages personal investment and responsibility.

kihiw waciston Recreation

Many recreational activities are available at the school level through Muskeg Lake’s Education program.

Recreational Roles

Recreation Coordinator

Chelsea Greyeyes

The Recreation Coordinator plans community events using facilities and resources available on the reserve. Getting athletes ready for Summer/Winter Games and tryouts also falls under the duties of the Coordinator as well as planning events with the Culture and Youth Coordinators.

Cultural Coordinator

The Culture Coordinator plans, organizes and ensures community programs and services are developed and implemented and relating to our Culture. The Culture Coordinator will utilize our Elders to implement activity that is relevant to the Culture of the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation.

Youth Coordinator

The Youth Coordinator plans, organizes and delivers programs for the youth of Muskeg Lake Cree Nation. Through offering various after-school and weekend recreation, cultural, and fine arts programs, the Youth Coordinator will provide for activities designed to increase the physical, emotional, intellectual and social well-being of our youth.