Social Development

Though the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Social Development Program is formed by an agreement with Indigenous Services Canada, we’ve developed our own policy to provide mandatory programs for Education and Income Assistance.

The goal of our Social Development Program is to support community members who receive our assistance by preparing them for education or training, initiating their healing, or offering them help with issues and problems.

What’s different about social development at Muskeg Lake?

We have developed a broader social development initiative to proactively work with those receiving income assistance to help them address issues than prevent them from being able to earn an income. We believe that by offering emotional and spiritual support to our members, they will feel more empowered than receiving financial support.

To this end, we offer skills development and connect members with training and employment resources. For members who live on the reserve, we will assess their needs, offer one-on-one counseling and determine their strengths and interest. In this way, we can help our members build on their own best qualities.

ISETS (Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Strategy)

The Indigenous Skills & Employment Training (ISET) Program is a program for Indigenous people who are looking to improve their job skills and find employment.

Muskeg lake Cree Nation and the Saskatoon Tribal Council are agreement holders with the ISETS program. 

STC employment and skills training programming is delivered on reserve to the STC member nations and off reserve for First Nations residents of Saskatoon.

The overall goal of STC employment and skills training is to improve the quality of life for members, which is actively supported by STC Labour Force Development Programs.  STC LFD works closely with the Active Measures Program to ensure that we provide:

 – Necessary opportunities for employment success

  •  – Increase employment levels of First Nations
  •  – Decrease social dependence
  •  – Improve economic independence

Income Assistance

The Muskeg Lake First Nation Social Assistance Program exists to help on-reserve residents who are unable to financially support themselves or their dependents. Every person living on the reserve has the right to apply for social assistance and to receive a written decision regarding that application.

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