Community Health Roles

Administrative Assistant

Doreen Smith

  • Performs clerical duties for all Health staff
  • Provides office support to director and Health & Social Development staff
  • Types and distributes correspondence, orders office supplies, answers phones, makes travel arrangements and maintain files
  • Compiles, formats, prints and distributes the Health Newsletter
  • Coordinates monthly Health Committee meetings by preparing the agenda, board kits, recording the meeting and distributing minutes
  • Designs all posters for community events, announcements, projects and programming as requested by Health Staff
  • Records and distributes minutes for Health Staff meetings
  • Assists band members with Non-Insured Health Benefits requests
  • Processes cheque requisitions for the Department, completes coding for established approval process with Health Director
  • Helps coordinate, cook for and organize many community events

Community Health Nurse


The Community Health Nurse (CHN) works in collaboration with clients, families, Elders, Chief and Council, the Health Committee and other health-care personnel within an integrated health-care team.

Home Care LPN

Nicole McKinnon

The main goal is to enable the elders to live at home for as long as they are able to without going into institutional care.

  • Monthly home visits (as needed)
  • Monitoring and ordering patient medications
  • In-home nursing care, including dressings, diabetic foot care, diabetic teaching, etc.
  • Charting and monthly reports.
  • Supervises the duties of Home Health Aide
  • Works under the direction of the CHN
  • Case conferencing
  • Referrals and placements
  • Providing equipment and whatever is needed for the client.
  • Oversees the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI)

Community Health Representative

  • Assists and supports the CHN

Community Wellness Worker

 Tannis Morrissette 

  • Promotes an addictions-free lifestyle for communities, families and individuals by enabling the community to develop activities that increase knowledge and awareness of addictions and how addictions can be addressed
  • A redefinition of the previous NNADAP
  • Addresses a continuum-of-care approach to the issues of addiction: pre-treatment and assessment, referral services, counseling, intervention, follow-up, aftercare, prevention, and alternative programming
  • An integrated approach that incorporates existing resources and addresses all aspects of an individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health
  • The community’s involvement is paramount to reaching the objectives of an addictions-free community and involves not just the individual but the individual’s family, support group, extended family and community

Living Well Therapist

Susan Burke   &  Stuart MacIntosh

The Living Well program has been in operation at Muskeg Lake for about 14 years.  Though it has been called different names, the services offered have remained the same.

  • Individual counseling
  • Children and youth (during and after school hours)
  • Leask school visits & counseling (by referral)
  • Case-conferencing and working with other human-service professionals
  • Staff support

Medical Transportation Coordinator

Christine Zinn

This program is aimed at providing transportation to Members of Muskeg Lake Cree Nation for their medical appointments. We transport clients to Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Shellbrook.

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