An emergency can take many forms, but you won’t need to respond to every emergency in the same way. For most acute medical and personal emergencies—a heart attack or stroke, having a baby, or a serious medical injury—call 911.

For emergencies that affect personal or community health, read the latest Health and Wellness News & Events for up-to-date information. For emergencies that are not life threatening, contact the Health Centre to speak to a public health nurse.

Community Health Emergencies

Boil Advisories

The Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) Health & Family Services provides second-level support for our water treatment plants. Operation of the Safe Drinking Water Program for STC communities includes bacterial sampling and testing, chemical sampling, community notification and education.

The water is tested every week. The Health Centre receives the test results. You will be notified if your water test results come back as “unsafe” and your water source has been placed under a “boil-water advisory.”

Personal Health Emergencies

Having a baby? Call 911

Acute medical problem (e.g., heart attack, stroke, drowning)? Call 911

Community Health Nurse

Learn about the role of the Community Health Nurse and when to call for help.

Calling for Help

For all serious medical emergencies, call 911.

For information about community health emergencies and procedures, read the latest News, the MLCN Emergency Response Plan 2011, or contact the band Health Centre.