Call Out for Election Committee Members: Deadline Extended

TO: All Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Band Members


FROM: Dale Skibinsky, Chief Operations Officer


Muskeg Lake Cree Nation is looking for Band members that are interested in becoming a member of the Election Committee for the Chief & Council Elections on February 12, 2024.



Open to all registered Muskeg Lake Band Members



All interested persons should apply by mail, email or in person at the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Band Office.


By email – please forward emails to Include in your header ELECTION COMMIITTEE MEMBER


By mail – Attention Dale Skibinsky, c/o Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, Box 248 Marcelin, SK S0J 1R0


In person – Drop off at the Band Office Front Desk


DEADLINE for APPLICATIONS: 12:00 Noon on November 22, 2023 

Roles and Responsibilities of the Committee

To promote transparency and accountability with respect to the Nation’s electoral system the following responsibilities have been identified for the Committee:

• Elect a chairperson of the election committee;

• Recruit, Evaluate and Recommend the Chief Electoral Officer candidate to Council;

• Create a summary of the responsibilities of the Chief Electoral Officer contemplated under the Election Act;

• Provide a summary of the timelines and notice periods established under the Election Act to Council;

• Assist the Chief Electoral Officer, as requested from time to time, in carrying out his or her functions under the Election Act.


Rules Respecting the Conduct of the Committee Members:

The following rules shall apply to the Committee members:

  • The Chair of the Committee shall serve as the first point of contact between the Committee and other parties, such as Council and the Chief Electoral Officer. For greater certainty, all questions to be referred to the Committee shall be delivered to the Chair, who will then forward the query to the Committee for its consideration.
  • Committee members shall attend all meetings of the Committee and shall not, without reasonable explanation, be absent from two consecutive meetings.
  • Committee members may attend meetings in person or via teleconference.
  • Decisions of the Committee shall be made by a majority of Committee members present at a meeting. In the event that a tie occurs, the Chair shall be entitled to a second vote. The Chair, in his or her sole discretion, may circulate a question to the Committee via email and may solicit responses via email in lieu of a meeting.
  • In the event that a Committee member either is made aware of, or becomes aware that he or she is in, a conflict of interest, the Committee member shall immediately disclose the nature and extent of the conflict of. The conflicted Committee member shall not participate in any discussions by the Committee regarding his or her conflict of interest