Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Youth Council – Naspasinahikewin (Art) Competition

The Youth Council would like to present to our community an event that will showcase the talented youth of our nation while introducing our newly developing council. MLCN youth council will take this opportunity to invite the community to get to know us, and welcome youth interested in contributing to the council and our community. This art competition will be for any MLCN members, via online submissions. The age to participate will be 13-29 years old, the categories selected are broad to accommodate for the large talent of our youth. 

The prizes will be sponsored by MLCN youth council. Each category will have 3 winners that will receive a cash prize, and all artists excluding the winners will have their name put into a draw for a chance to win participation prizes. Art submitted via email: ; participation winners will need to give a mailing address for prizes. The winners will be selected by 3 judges; an elder from the community, a member, and a non-member of the community. Submissions will be open for 1 month, giving all artists a chance to participate.


Must be a member of MLCN ages 13-29 years of age 

Current MLCN Youth Council members can participate but cannot compete for prizes

Art submitted with profanity or hatred will not be considered 

All art may be showcased to the public (releasing rights to art) 

Any art submitted after the last submission day will not be considered 

Must provide contact information in the cc subject line: First, last name and Art Submission 

All artists have the chance to win additional participation prizes, chosen in a random draw (excluding winners) 

Winners will need to send direct deposit information and prizes will be sent out within 15 days of announcement

Video submissions should be maximum of 1 minute and 30 seconds 


  1. Poems and stories 
  2. Paintings and drawings 
  3. Singing 
  4. Dancing 
  5. Drumming 


  • 1st Place for each catergory – $200.00 
  • 2nd Place for each category – $150.00 
  • 3rd Place for each category – $100.00 
  • Various participation prizes