Nomination Meeting Protocols

Prior to Nomination Meeting:  The in-person nomination form and the statutory declaration form are posted on the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation website and the election platform  Interested Candidates should print the nomination form, fill it out, and have the nominator and seconder complete their portions.  At the nomination meeting, the nominator, seconder and Candidate will sign the form in front of the Chief Electoral Officer.  Please be sure to bring a copy of your Identification. 

At Nomination Meeting:   (the Candidate is required to be present at the nomination meeting)

The Candidate and nominators will enter the nomination meeting together and submit the in-person nomination form.  The form will be signed and, once it is determined that the Candidate is eligible, the nomination is accepted and the statutory declaration is signed.  Candidates will receive an information package, which includes the Notice of Election, Notice of Nomination meeting/Candidates Forum sheet, and Authorization to Witness the Count form. 

Forum:  (After Nomination Meeting)


    • The forum will be held in the Kihiw Waciston School gym and is open to the public.  The event will be streamed live at, which can also be accessed through

    • The nominator may give a 2-minute speech about their Candidate. Then the Candidate is allowed 10 minutes to speak.

    • The first to speak will be the Off-Reserve Councillor Candidates followed by On-Reserve Councillor Candidates, then Candidates for Chief.

    • Within each group, Candidates will speak alphabetically by last name (same order as on the ballot).

  • A list will be displayed so Candidates and Electors are aware of the order. 

Gwen LaFond

Chief Electoral Officer