Unified Treaty Six

Unified Treaty Six
June 26, 2024 Comments Off on Unified Treaty Six Uncategorized Web Admin

Yesterday, Chief Wolfe had the honor of being invited to speak at the Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations, established in the spring of 1993, serves as the united political voice for its Member Nations (16 nations), advocating for the fundamental treaty and human rights of First Nations people.

Chief Kelly Wolfe attended the Pipe Ceremony, offering prayers and gifts on behalf of Muskeg Lake Cree Nation (MLCN). During our presentation, we highlighted the benefits of forming an alliance among Treaty Six nations. The proposed alliance aims to strengthen our stance on Treaty rights, advocate for the medicine chest clause, and foster unity across provincial borders.

We were pleased to see support from the Chiefs in attendance, agreeing on the importance of erasing provincial borders and uniting in the fight for our Treaty rights. The discussion even touched on the Natural Resources Transfer Agreement (NRTA), adding further momentum to our cause.

Chief Wolfe stated, “Erasing provincial borders and working with all Treaty Six Nations is crucial for us. The unique clauses within Treaty Six require a unified approach to ensure our rights are protected and our voices are heard.”

Muskeg Lake Cree Nation is committed to exploring every avenue to fortify our Treaty rights and believes there is strength in numbers. Together, we can achieve a brighter future for all Treaty Six nations.